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About Madison Paige:

From her blonde hair and blue eyes to her voice and heart that are bigger than Texas, she belts out her “sass” and her “independence”. This Texas girl does it all on her own. She has a soft, classic, and vintage sound to her voice as well as, conveying energy, dynamics, and confidence in every performance.
She tells the stories of her own personal experiences. Whether that is the heartbreaks from the man in November or the message to “Stand Tall” against the bullies in our day-to-day lives. She portrays her experiences in songs that her family, friends, and fans can enjoy and relate too. Her music is a cross between Leann Rimes and Patsy Cline on one end and to Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert on the other. Her confidence along with the sass gives her the attitude to enjoy herself on stage as well as, entertain her audience. Her voice has a natural break in it that is a refreshing version of the young Leann Rimes. Yet, she has the powerful and strong voice of Carrie Underwood and gets told often how much she sounds like Miranda Lambert.
Madison’s debut single, “Stand Tall” is the heart behind why she does what she does for a living. This single is more than just a message it is based on her own personal experiences. Madison wears a smile regardless of the situation at hand and perseveres through. That is also the message she shares with anyone in handling life’s issues. Madison was bullied for 6 years. She experienced being choked numerous times, rumors that were very ugly, many threats, and constantly being told she would never be worth anything to just end it. Most of this took place in her secondary education years. Junior high was spent in and out of different public schools which eventually landed her at home doing online school. This allowed Madison to wake up in confidence knowing she didn’t have to face the inevitable bullying, but yet focus on her education. High school rolled around and because of the opportunities to sing, show animals in FFA and involvement, another attempt into public school was made. To no avail, high school was very similar to junior high but in many ways worse. Girls took their jealousy out in many ways making it known that she was not welcome. It was at this point Madison decided online school was her best option and she is a 2017 graduate of a Houston online school. As a result of her experiences Madison stands firm for Anti-Bullying and that is the main influence of the song, “Stand Tall”. She sees herself as an image for those who are bullied and wants them to know they are not alone. She is very adamant on fighting this issue because it is at epidemic levels and something needs to be done and people need to be held responsible for their actions!
After the release of her single Madison debuted her EP album, “Lace and Pearls”. This album contains four songs including “Stand Tall”. They feature songs regarding heart break, alcohol and anger. Each song is written by Madison personally based on personal experiences in some fashion that has touched her life. She is most proud on the fact that she managed to do the EP album all on her own. Stormy Cooper Media helped her in recording but she paid out of pocket for this piece of art.
Throughout the years Madison has auditioned and accomplished many things. The biggest of these being her audition for both America’s Got Talent at age 13 and The Voice-Season 12 at age 17. She went all the way to blind auditions on The Voice-Season 12 and was selected on day two for her blind audition and spent over a month in Los Angeles. Though there was no chair turned things always happen according to God’s plan. She is thankful for the outcome of The Voice because she walked away with many lifetime friends that also do what she loves and for the first time ever, she felt she fit in. She realized that no chair being turned allowed her to continue to be an independent artist. However, she learned many valuable lessons from participating. By far the most important lesson she would like to share is that while these shows are designed to assist an artist in the music industry and help with exposure, be aware that if an artist is wanting to remain original and independent this is probably not the best
avenue. “If picked up through these type shows, you become part of a very lengthy contract and will be portrayed how they see fit. For this reason, I chose to stay independent”, says Madison. Aside of these larger opportunities she has also entered the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo’s Rodeo Rock Star Competition. She auditioned in 2014 and went back to try again in 2017. Upon her return in 2017, she managed to win the Senior Division
which rewarded her with $500, a day in the studio with Stormy Cooper, and a spot in the 2018 HLSR Parade in February, 2018 where she will ride on a float and perform.
Curious about Madison’s performing? She began gigging back in Junior High at her local fire station, Westlake Volunteer Fire Station where she performed for many fundraisers. She also performed many times at Good Ole Boys in Katy, Texas where she was able to sing on the same microphone as Hunter Hayes. She books all of her own shows and has opened for a friend of hers, Justin Taylor Band. That specifically was a CD release party for Justin himself with Micah Cheatham performing as well. Small shows slowly turning into larger shows and Madison has now opened for Mark McKinney, Flatland Cavalry, Read Southall and Sam Riggs. Her all-time favorite venue is Mainstreet Crossing in Tomball, TX. She says, ” Every show at this venue is always intimate and raw! That is my favorite kind of concert to attend. These kinds of venues are the ones that feel like it is just you and the artist in the room. Big crowds are great in some situations but when I am attending a concert, I prefer small and personal.”Getting personal with fans is most important to Madison. She is known for her social media and
always trying to be very responsive to fans. Madison says, “Not many reply back to their fans. No one thinks it matters but, I have been in the shoes of a fan especially a die-hard fan of someone’s music. Nothing hurts worse to a follower than feeling ignored. I have three goals throughout my life. Those are to remain humble and remember where I came from. Be true forever and always, and give back to the ones who were there with their support when I needed it the most.” Madison through of 2018 has also been to Hurricane Harry’s in College Station, TX which is where she sang with Casey Donahew and Josh Abbott. She says, “That is a place I will get into with my own band one day. I will be able to show the college kids my own music.”
Madison Paige expects to release new music in Spring of 2018. She states, “These are the two singles that will have so many able to relate to them. The raw bits of me are being placed into these two songs.” She also says her goal for 2018 as well, is to continue to kick butt at what she does and to make even bigger steps than in 2017. She plans on having a full band and releasing or starting a new album for 2019. Madison says, “I don’t want to let anyone down so I strive to make everyone proud of my constant efforts and attempts at accomplishing my lifelong dream and I try to keep the guitar strumming.”



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